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Sea to Shining Sea


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Product Description

Freedom in Christ is the message in this very patriotic box! We created the products in this box with sea veggies! Along with a gorgeous soap, and sugar scrub, this box contains a pack of patriotic sticky notes and a package of sea veggies. Inside the pack of sea veggies is ideas on a few different ways you can use your sea veggies. After all, we do have choices in this great USA! Not only are sea veggies great for the body and skin, they are unique in the fact they do not have a root system. Instead they have a holdfast. This holdfast keeps the sea veggie anchored to the sea floor. It can flow freely in the water where it receives its nutrients. Without it, the sea veggie would get caught up in the currents and find itself on the hot beach where it would wither and die in the heat of the sun. Just like the sea veggie, we need a holdfast: Jesus! When we keep ahold of Jesus, we are free to become the person we are intended to be! This box is perfect for our brave countryfolk who are serving this great country.

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