About Shade Mountain Naturals

At Shade Mountain Naturals we are passionate about creating excellent products with natures finest ingredients. We also love to make our customers feel like they are receiving a special custom made gift every time they open one of our products. We know your loved one will be thrilled to see their purp-ess box in your mailbox.

About Purposeful Essentials

Purposeful Essentials will be a subscription based delivery of bathing essentials with three “purposes” and two “essentials". 

Purpose 1: Each product included in the delivery will be created by Shade Mountain Naturals using an ingredient that has a unique beneficial purpose to the skin. Education on this ingredient will be a key factor. Not only will the recipient learn the benefits for use of this ingredient, but will learn where and how it is derived and a fun fact or two. Products may include: soap, moisturizing creme, hand creme, lip balm, sugar scrub, body butter, bath bomb, bubble bomb, bubble scoop.

Purpose 2: Each month the purposeful ingredient will be tied into a “message card” that would emphasize a Biblical principal relating to the monthly ingredient. 

Purpose 3: The second “purpose” will be the charity that benefits from the revenue. The charity will be: (to be decided: one being: Please Live’s Love Life Ministries

Essential 1: Products are considered essential to healthy beautiful skin! 

Essential 2: Products are scented with essential oils.